The White Family of Hutton

The White Family of Hutton, Essex

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The Whites were a distinguished family whose descendants included Gilbert White of Selbourne, the naturalist.  To be Mayor of the Staple at Calais was high office, sometimes given to royalty.  Like their friends the Petres they retained their adherence to the Catholic Church, which presumably explains the emigration of various members to the Americas in the 1600’s.  The first Richard White, living then in Runwell, had the manor of Hutton after Jerome Weston; he married locally, a Tyrell related to the Petres; one of their daughters, Susan, married the Clarencieux King of Arms and became lady in waiting to Princess Mary, officiated at her coronation and was present with a jewel box by Philip of Spain for her efforts at the wedding in Winchester of the couple after Mary had been crowned.  At Mary’s death she fled in exile to France.  Her nephew George is the main benefactor for Hutton’s charities.

George White’s heir, Richard, married the daughter of Edmund Plowden, the distinguished lawyer of the Marian and Elizabethan reigns, and their second son Thomas is perhaps the most famous family member.  Educated at St. Omer and Valladolid, he was a teacher of philosophy, theology and classics at the English College at Douay.  In 1625 he was sent as English representative to Rome, but using various aliases he practised as a priest in this country, to which he returned openly at the Restoration.  Quarrelsome but revered and the author of many treatises, the sparring partner of Hobbes and Anthony à Wood, he is buried near the pulpit at St. Martins in the Fields in London.  His elder brother Richard had married twice, his second wife being a Weston, the daughter of the Earl of Portland, and it is from this marriage that the American connection stems.  As Catholics the couple were residing in Rome, but their children, with other Catholic families such as the Waldegraves and the Westons themselves, tried their fortunes in the American colonies.  A brother, George, was the last owner of Hutton Hall with the name of White.

Extract from: The Owings/Plummer Line to the Royal Houses of Europe By Neville Owings Chaney (Published in the Maryland Genealogical Society Bulletin)

Several descendants of Thomas Plummer, Maryland Colonist, have been actively engaged in the genealogy of this family in recent years.  Some of their research has appeared in the Maryland Genealogical Society Bulletin and a recently published book, Early Families of Southern Maryland, Vol II. . . .

In 1670 (?) Jerome Whyte, Surveyor General, went on a trip to England and appointed Captain Thomas to act as Acting Surveyor General in his absence.  His will, dated 23 April 1671, was proved 3 May 1671.  After his death, his widow, Mary, married George Yates and had other children.

Mary Wells’ father, Dr. Richard Wells, entered Maryland in 1653 with his wife and eleven children.  His birth has been placed at about 1610.  He came to Maryland from Virginia where he had been a leader in the Puritan movement.  (That is a real act of tolerance, since the Stockett family had lost everything to the Puritans and here the daughter of Thomas marries into a Puritan family!)  He was wealthy enough to finance his own passage to Virginia in 1607 since he received only fifty acres of land as a headright.  There is no record of his transporting a family, therefore he acquired a wife and eleven children in Virginia before he arrived in Maryland. ere he settled in Herring Bay near the Quaker settlement where he built his home Wells and remained there until his death.

By 1654 the Puritans had gained control of the province and on 1 March 1664/5 Richard was appointed for the “orderings, directinge and governinge of the affayers of Maryland” by William Fendall and William Durant who represented the Lord Protector.  After Lord Baltimore regained his rights, Richard continued to hold office as Justice of the Peace under Governor Fendall (His dual alliances obviously served him well.)

Richard’s will was dated 22 June 1667 and was proved August 21 of that year in Anne Arundel County.  He left bequests to his daughter, Mary, wife of Thomas Stockett, to be paid in the City of London after his death.

He maintained an estate in Britain.  His son, Richard Jr., had the will proved in the prerogative Court of Canterbury in 1668.  He was known as a chirurgeon and the inventory in Maryland noted a case of chirurgeon’s instruments and chirurgeon’s chest.  He held an interest in the ship Majestic and the Baltimore and his entire inventory revealed a great wealth for that period of time.  His wife was Frances White.

Frances White, born at Hutton Hall, County Essex, England in 1622, was the namesake of her maternal grandmother, France, Countess of Portland.  She was the daughter of Lady Catherine Weston (baptised 1600 at Roxwell, eldest daughter of Sir Richard Weston) and Richard White, also of Hutton Hall, born in about 1580.  About 1642 the couple fled to Rome, Italy, because of the uprising in England and both died there.  They had send their daughter, Frances, to Virginia for safety and there she later married Dr. Richard Wells.

Lady Catherine Weston’s parents were Sir Richard Weston, K.G., First Earl of Portland, and Frances Waldegrove/Waldegrave, his second wife.  Sir Richard, son of Sr. Jerome Weston and his wife Mary Cave, were buried in Winchester Cathedral.

Parents of Frances Waldegrove were Sir Nicholas Waldegorve.Waldegrave of Borley, Co. Essex, England, who died in 1621, having married Catherine, daughter of Winston Browne

Extracts from: A Biographical Dictionary of the Maryland Legislature 1635-1789

Volume II: I – Z -Edward C Papenfuse, Alan F Day, David W. Jordan and Gregory A Stiversonpub. The John Hopkins University Press, Baltimore and London

WHITE, JEROME . (?-by 1677). BORN: in Essex County, England. IMMIGRATED: by 1661, as a free adult. RESIDED: in St. Mary's County; returned to England in 1670. FAMILY BACKGROUND. FATHER: Richard White, of Runwell, Essex County , England: MOTHER: possibly Lady Katherine Weston, daughter of Sir Richard Weston, Earl of Portland. BROTHER: George, of Runwell. SISTER: Frances, who married Richard Wells (?-1667).  NEPHEW: George Wells (?-1696). NIECES: Anne Wells, who married John Stansby (?-ca. 1682/83); Mary Wells, who married first, Thomas Stockett (?-1671). PRIVATECAREER. EDUCATION: probably well educated. RELIGIOUS AFFILIATION: Catholic. OCCUPATIONAL PROFILE: planter. PUBLIC CAREER. LEGISLATIVE SERVICE:  Upper House, 1663-1664,1666 (probably absent), 1669. OTHER PROVINCIAL OFFICES: surveyor general, 1661-1671 (White returned to England in December 1670, but continued to hold office until March 31, 1671: he appointed Thomas Stockett (?-1671) as his deputy); Council, l663-1670; justice, Provincial Court, 1663-1670; deputy governor, 1669. LOCAL OFFICE: alderman, St. Mary's City , 1668. WEALTH DURING LIFETIME. LAND AT FIRST ELECTION: received a warrant for 2,000 acres in 1662. SIGNIFICANT CHANGES IN LAND BETWEEN FIRST ELECTION AND DEATH: patented 10,343 acres in Anne Arundel, Charles, Dorchester, St. Mary's, and Talbot counties, 1665-1671; sold 3,543 acres in Anne Arundel and St. Mary's counties, 1665- 1667. WEALTH AT DEATH. DIED: by April 1677. LAND: at least 6,800 acres in Anne ArundeI, Charles, Dorchester and Talbot counties.

WELLS. Richard(?-I667). IMMIGRATED. ca. 1652 as a free adult 9 with his wife and eleven children from Charles City County, Virginia. RESIDED: in Herring Creek Hundred, Anne Arundel County. MARRIED Frances White, daughter of Richard White and possibly Lady Katharine Weston. Frances was possibly the granddaughter of Sir Richard Weston, Earl of Portland. Her brother was Jerome White (?-by 1677). CHILDREN. SONS: Richard, who married Sophia (?-1671). daughter of Richard Ewen (? 1660); Benjamin, who married Frances Hanslap; George Wells (?-l696);John; Robert; and William. DAUGHTERS: Anne. who married John Stansby, (?-ca.1682/83); Mary, who married first,  Thomas Stockett (?-1671). and second, George Yates; Martha. who married first ca. 1652. William Ayres, and second, by 1658, Anthony Selway (Salloway); Frances; and Elizabeth. PRIVATE CAREER. EDUCATION: literate. RELIGIOUS AFFILIATION: Protestant.  SOCIAL STATUS AND ACTIVITIES: held provincial office within two years of arrival in Maryland. OCCUPATIONAL PROFILE; physician, planter, merchant; held one-sixteenth share of the ship Baltimore. PUBLIC CAREER. LEGISLATIVE SERVICE: Assembly, Providence (Anne Arundel County), 1654; Parliamentary Commission, 1654-1657/58. OTHER PROVINCIAL OFFICE; justice, Provincial Court, 1654-1657/58. LOCAL OFFICE; justice, Anne Arundel County, 1658-1665 (quorum, 1661-1665). OUT OF COLONY SERVlCE: burgess, Virginia, 1645. WEALTH AT DEATH. DIED: between June 22 and August 31, 1667, in Anne Arundel County. PERSONAL PROPERTY: TEV, at least £1,735.6.4 sterling, 205,112 pounds of tobacco (including 4 black servants, 5 white servants, and 31 oz. plate). LAND: 4,025 acres in Anne Arundel, Baltimore, and Talbot counties.



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