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Planning a Funeral Service

God's love and power extend over all creation. Every life, including our own, is precious to God. Christians have always believed that there is hope in death as in life, and that there is new life in Christ over death.

Even those who share such faith find that there is a real sense of loss at the death of a loved one.  We will each have had our own experiences of their life and death, with different memories and different feelings of love, grief and respect.

The Funeral Service, whether in Church or in a Cemetery or Crematorium chapel, is an opportunity to celebrate the life of the person who had died, to give thanks for their life and to share our memories of what they have meant to us.  This can be expressed in the choice of appropriate readings and music, as well as in tributes to their life.

The service is also an opportunity to pray for those who have died and for those who mourn, to express our faith and our feelings as we say farewell, to acknowledge our loss and our sorrow, and reflect on our own mortality.

The service concludes by commending the departed to God’s love and mercy, and committing them into his loving care in the hope of the resurrection to eternal life which Christ offers to us.

Thissection gives you a selection of the most popular hymns, readings, and poems, which may help you in planning the service. It also includes some prayers which may be used in the service, or for your own personal use at this difficult time.

Some families choose to have an order of service printed, either by a professional printer or a family member. However this is not essential in any way. These resources can be e-mailed to you if required. We strongly advise you to let the Minister concerned see a proof of the order of service before printing.

The Minister conducting the funeral service will have considerable experience of helping families to plan an appropriate celebration of a person’s life, sometimes within the constraints of the limited time available at a crematorium chapel.  Please feel free to consult them and to benefit from their experience and guidance.

Please be assured of our prayers and support for you at this time of bereavement.  If you have any questions at all about the arrangements for the service, or other ways in which we can help you, please contact the minister taking the service directly.  Alternatively, our Parish Office will be able to help you.

Please follow the relevant links for suggestions for Bible Readings, Poems and non-Biblical readings, hymns and prayers which may be used at Funeral Services. If you have other suggestions, please feel free to discuss them with the Priest or Minister conducting your service.


























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