Arranging your wedding at Hutton Church

Getting Married at Hutton Church

We welcome enquires about arranging a Church wedding in our churches.

All Saints' Church in Hutton Village is a popular venue for weddings. We will be pleased to meet you and advise you about arranging a wedding here. Occasionally, St. Peter’s Church is also used for weddings, and all the notes below generally apply to both churches.

We are also happy to discuss services of Blessing after a civil marriage or a celebration service for a special Wedding Anniversary.

There are some conditions which have to be fulfilled in order to qualify to marry here: either one or both of the partners has to either live in the parish, worship regularly at the parish church, or have a ‘qualifying connection’ with the parish  - go to 'How do we Qualify to Marry at All Saints?' to check if you qualify to marry here.

Is All Saints' my parish Church?

To find out whether you live in the parish, go to the 'A Church near You' website and enter your postcode.

Booking your wedding service

All enquiries regarding weddings can be made at the Parish Office initially. A deposit is usually required to confirm your booking. Urgent enquiries may be referred directly to the clergy, or to the Parish Office during normal opening hours.

In the light of recent bogus marriages, we ask all couples to provide identity (eg passport or photo driving licence) and proof of your address (e.g. utility bill or bank/credit card statement) before the booking can be confirmed.  A marriage involving a non-British citizen rquires a common licence, and additional time is required for this process prior to the wedding date.


How to arrange your wedding
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