Weddings At All Saints' - general information

General information about weddings at our Churches

The Marriage Service

The choices regarding the order of service will be explained at the Marriage Preparation evening. You will for example, have a choice between a traditional or modern language service, and a choice of
reading(s) and music. Sample texts will be available at the preparation evening and are on our Wedding Resources pages.

If you wish to have a reading which is not from the Bible in addition to the Bible reading, it must be in accordance with Christian teaching on Marriage. Please bring the text for approval to the parish office. If you wish a family member or friend to do a reading at the service, they should normally attend the rehearsal to practice it in church.

Please let us know if you have a significant number of guests who do not speak English - we may be able to arrange a Bible reading and some prayers in another language.

Order of Service

A printed Order of Service is not essential, but if you are planning this, an outline is available on our Wedding Resources page. We strongly advise you to bring a draft to the clergy for checking before final printing. Please arrange for the copies of the Orders of Service to be at the church in good time before the service. We suggest that you bring them to the rehearsal.

Music, Hymns and Bells

If you wish, we will seek to arrange an organist, choir, soloist and bellringers for your wedding. 

The first marriage preparation evening will give suggestions of suitable music and hymns for your wedding. If you wish to discuss other ideas, the organist will be happy to advise you on appropriate choices. Please contact the organist directly and arrange to speak to him at a convenient time - usually after a Sunday service.

Church Flowers

We include the cost of one pedestal of flowers in the basic fees for your wedding. Additional arrangements can be provided on request, within the limitations of a small building.  Our flower arrangers are highly experienced and will do their best to accommodate the wishes of individual brides, although where there is more than one wedding in the same weekend, a degree of compromise is required. If you wish to discuss the choice of flowers in church, please contact Mrs. Dawn White.

It is not possible to change flowers between weddings on the same day or weekend, and artificial flowers and decorations are not permitted.  We do not normally allow flowers to be arranged at the church other than by our own flower arrangers. Flowers may not be fixed to pew ends. There may be restrictions on flowers at certain seasons in the Church year.

Photographs and Videos

Before the service begins, we will ask your guests not to use cameras in church during the service. The official photographer will be permitted to take limited photos during the service and at the signing of the registers.

If photos are to be taken when the bride arrives at the church, it is important that the bride arrives in good time to allow for this before the service starts.

Photographers are asked to limit their session after the service to 20 minutes when there is another wedding the same afternoon.

Video recordings: Only one video operator may be present in church, and may not move around during the service. He/she must hold an appropriate copyright licence. Under no circumstances are individual personal microphones for the couple permitted during the service.

An additional facility fee is payable to the Church if a video recording is made of the wedding.

Wedding Fees

The legal fees and PCC fees for a wedding in are available on request. The Fees inlude:

  • all legal and statutory fees
  • Church administration charges
  • the use of the organ
  • one pedestal of flowers
  • heating if required

(It does not include any licence or ‘away banns’ fees).

Additional fees are payable:

  • if you are having a video recording made of the service (currently £35).
  • if you wish to have additional flowers arranged in Church

A deposit of £100 is payable when you book your wedding. This may be refundable if the arrangements for your wedding are cancelled provided you inform us in good time. 

The balance of fees must be paid at  the Parish Office not less than one month before the wedding. Church fees may be paid by cash or cheque.  Disbursements can only be paid in cash. This should be done on Wednesday evenings between 6 & 7 p.m.  Cheques are payable to Hutton PCC.


We will endeavour to arrange organist, choir, bellringers and soloist if you wish.  Their charges are available on request, and can only be paid in cash, at least one month before the wedding.

Marriage preparation

Careful preparation plays an important part in the success of your marriage. Marriage preparation is held on two evenings, the first at All Saints’ Church and the second in St. Peter’s Hall.  These will look at different aspects of planning your wedding and preparing for marriage. We will write with details of the dates in December.

All couples planning to marry at Hutton are expected to attend both the relevant sessions. The evenings are informal and friendly, and also give an opportunity to meet some of the other couples who will be marrying at Hutton this year.

At the first preparation evening we will give you a questionnaire on which you can list your choices for music, hymns readings etc.

At the second preparation evening we will give you an outline invoice setting out details of wedding fees for the coming year.

The Bride's Charity

It is our tradition to invite the Bride to nominate a charity to which half the collection at the service will be sent.  In the past this has involved a great deal of administration for very small amounts.  We will therefore be inviting brides to nominate a charity from the following list:

  • Cancer Research
  • Essex Air Ambulance
  • Little Haven Children’s Hospice
  • British Heart Foundation
  • Oxfam

Parking at All Saints’

When All Saints’ Church was built in the 14th century, they did not anticipate the need for car parking!  We are aware that facilities are limited.  Please ask your guests to be careful where they park so as not to block the road and inconvenience village residents.  Access and parking for large coaches is especially difficult, and this is not recommended. Please note that we have been informed of break-ins to cars in the parking area during weddings and funerals. We advise you not to leave any items of value in cars parked near the Church during services.

The rehearsal

The priest who is to conduct your wedding will arrange a date with you for a full rehearsal at All Saints', usually during the week before the wedding.  The priest will see the couple on their own for about half an hour; if other people wish to attend (e.g. Bride's father, best man or bridesmaids) they should arrive 30 minutes after the time arranged with the bride and groom.  It is a good idea to bring small bridesmaids/page boys into church before the wedding day so that it is more familiar.

Special Needs

The parish is committed to a policy of non-discrimination and accessibility.  If either Bride or Groom have any special needs (e.g. mobility, literacy, visual or hearing impairment) which may affect your participation in the preparation or the marriage service, please let us know so that we can do our best to meet these needs.  This also applies to guests at the wedding itself.

Your Passport

If you are travelling abroad for your honeymoon, it is possible for the bride’s passport to be changed into her married name before the wedding, (New EC red passports cannot be changed; a new passport has to be issued in the new name).  In either case, she will need to obtain form PD2 from the Post Office and arrange for it to be signed by one of the clergy not more than three months before the wedding. 

If you need further help or information:

All marriage bookings, banns certificates, fees, and routine general enquiries relating to your wedding are handled at the Parish Office on Wednesday evenings between 6 & 7 p.m. No appointment is necessary, but you may wish to ring beforehand to let us know you are coming. (occasionally we are not able to staff the office on a Wednesday evening, so if you are coming from a distance, we suggest you ring beforehand to check that the office will be open).

General enquiries may be referred directly to the clergy, or to the Parish Office during normal opening hours (9.30 a.m. - 12 noon Monday to Friday).

To arrange a Common Licence:
Contact the clergy for information about names of Bishop's Surrogate for marriages.

To arrange an Archbishop's (special) Licence, contact:
The Faculty Office in Westminster (0207 222 5381)


In the December or January before your wedding:

Look out for a letter from us confirming:

  • The fees payable for your wedding
  • The dates for your banns to be called here
  • The dates for marriage preparation evenings

 Three months before the wedding:

  • Ensure that you have arranged for Banns to be called in the other church(es) if necessary.

 Remember to let us know

  • if the parish is different from the information you gave us when you first booked your wedding
  • If either of you have changed your address since you booked the wedding.

Failure to do this may mean that we cannot legally conduct your wedding at Hutton.

One month before the wedding (at least!)

Please call at the Parish Office on a Wednesday evening to:

  • pay the balance of your fees and disbursements
  • bring the Banns Certificate from the other church(es) if necessary
  • confirm the music for choir and organist
  • let us check a draft order of service, if you are planning one
  • let us have final details of your service (choice of service, readings, Bride’s charity, etc)
  • advise us if a video recording is to be made.

The Rehearsal

The bride and groom should arrive promptly at All Saints’ for the rehearsal.  Other participants should arrive 30 minutes later. 

On the day

The groom and best man should be in church 30 minutes before the wedding.  The bride should arrive in good time, especially if photos are to be taken before the service - it is not a privilege for the bride to be late for the wedding. 

Before the service begins, we will

  • ask your guests to exercise care with confetti and keep it outside the church gates;
  • ask them not to take photographs or make videos inside the church during the service. 
  • ask them to switch off mobile phones.
  • inform them about the Bride’s Charity and ask them to be generous in their support for this.



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