An Introduction to Resources for your Wedding Service

Planning your wedding service

This part of our website is to help couples plan their wedding service. This information will also form the basis of our Wedding preparation evening. 

The choice of whether to use the 'traditional' or 'modern' wedding service is up to the couple.  You will find the full text of these, and of the service of Blessing after a Civil Marriage, on the Church of England Liturgy website.

Other resources to be found in this section are:

A questionnaire to complete with your preferences for the service

Suggestions for music for the service

Text of the ‘traditional’ (1967) wedding service

Text of the 'modern' (2000) wedding services

Suggestions for hymns for your wedding

A selection of suggested Bible Readings

Some ideas for non-biblical readings

An outline for the Order of Service if you are having one printed.

Line drawings of the Church for your Order of Service.

Texts for the Wedding services are © The Archbishops' Council 2000
Hymns are copied under Music Licence no 53805
Bible readings are from the New Revised Standard Version © the Oxford University Press
Other readings are understood to be free from copyright restrictions, but we will happily amend these if we are advised accordingly.

Resources for your Wedding Service
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