Prayer and Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care and Prayer

Caring for people in any sort of need or difficulty is an important part of the work of the church.

We have groups of specially-prepared people who help in baptism preparation, marriage preparation, bereavement visiting and home communions for the sick and housebound.

We also regularly visit the nursing homes in our parish, Leonard Lodge and Hutton Village Nursing Home, as well as the residential home at Roseberry Court, and arrange services or home communions as appropriate.

In our daily prayers we pray for individuals who are in special need who have asked for our prayers.

We can arrange transport to our church services for people who find mobility difficult.

We are committed to a policy of equality and accessibility to all our church buildings and activities. St. Peter's in particular is fully adapted for people with special mobility needs, and has a loop system installed for those with hearing difficulties. Signing can usually be arranged for special services if required.

We can also sometimes offer practical or financial help where appropriate.

Please contact the Parish Office or the clergy if we can offer any sort of assistance to you or your family, or it you would like us to pray for someone.


Protection of Children and vulnerable adults:

The parish operates a strict Policy for the protection of children and vulnerable adults, in accordance with Diocese of Chelmsford guidelines; this is to ensure the safety and wellbeing of adults and children in our congregations and those who work with them.   Any queries relating to Protection of Children and Vulnerable Adults should be addressed to the Clergy.

Prayers for various occasions

A page of prayers which you might find helpful in various occasions


Monthly Prayer Diary

Over each month we pray for people who live in our parish - both at our daily morning prayers and in our  Sunday services. We pray for each road in our parish on a particular day each month. If your road is missing - please let us know!

We also pray for church and community groups regularly.  Please join us by using our regular monthly prayer cycle, and us each day in praying for the needs of the parish.


Daily Prayer

The Church of England has a regular pattern of prayer each day, with readings and psalms.

Follow the relevant link for today’s prayers:

Today’s Morning Prayer

Today’s Evening Prayer

Today’s Night Prayer

Prayer and Pastoral Care
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