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Baptisms, Weddings and Funerals


We welcome enquiries about arranging baptisms in our churches from families who live in the parish.  Bookings may be made via the Parish Office.



All Saints' Church in Hutton Village is a popular venue for weddings. We are pleased to welcome your enquiries about marrying here. Occasionally, St. Peter’s Church is also used for weddings, and all the notes below generally apply to both churches.

There are some conditions which have to be fulfilled in order to qualify to marry here: either one or both of the partners has to either live in the parish, worship regularly at the parish church, or have a ‘qualifying connection’ with the parish  - go to 'How do we Qualify to Marry at All Saints?' to check this.

All enquiries regarding weddings can be made at the Parish Office.


Funerals and burials

When someone you know dies:

Coping with bereavement is a difficult time for relatives, and we always seek to do all that we can to support you as you arrange a funeral. A priest or minister from the parish will be available to conduct the service if you wish, whether in Church or at a local crematorium. Please feel free to involve us from the earliest stages of planning a funeral, as we have considerable experience of supporting families at such times.

As well as assisting in planning and conducting the funeral service, we also offer continued support after the service. We invite relatives to a memorial service a the Church within six months of the funeral. Where relatives live locally, a visit from a member of our visiting group is also offered.

You will find some prayers which may help you on our Prayers for Various Occasions page.

Please do not hesitate to contact the Clergy or Parish Office with any queries relating to funerals.

We are also available to advise parishioners who are considering setting out their funeral wishes with their will.

Burials in All Saints' Churchyard

The Churchyard at All Saints’ is now closed for new burials.  It is still possible for a burial to take place in an existing grave where there is sufficient space, and interment of ashes can be arranged in an existing grave or the special area set aside for this purpose.